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German Moleskin Trousers - Black


German Moleskin Trousers - Black


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German Moleskin Trousers - Black. 32" Inseam Length. German Moleskin is a tough, densely woven material strongly resistant against wind and abrasion.

German Moleskin Trousers - Black

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# **Inserting Algae Into Tadpoles Can Bring Their Brains Back Online**Injecting Algae Into Suffocated Tadpoles Brings Their Brain Cells Back to Life

Microalgae and special types of bacteria have the power to puff vast amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere. In fact, these organisms are thought to be the main reason our planet first began hosting oxygenated air.

New research suggests that this life-giving respiration works on a much smaller scale, too.

When green algae and cyanobacteria were injected into the brains of African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) tadpoles, they were found to breathe life back into the tadpoles' oxygen-starved neurons, almost like internal CPR.

Measurements within the tadpoles' brains showed an increase in local oxygen when green algae or cyanobacteria were present and photosynthesizing under light.

Even more incredibly, when the frogs were starved of oxygen until their neurons went silent, the microorganisms in their brains were able to restart and rescue neuronal activity from the brink.

Read more: #cell #iscience www.cell.com/iscience/fulltext/S2589-0042(21)01126-3

News source: www.sciencealert.com/injecting-algae-into-the-brains-of-suffocating-tadpoles-keeps-their-neurons-...


#Algae #Tadpole #frog #Brain #Cells #Life #Microalgae #algae #special #types #bacteria #breakthrough #Plant #Science #molecularbiology #Genome #Genomics #Research #Omics4all
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Are you trying to start a zombie apocalypse? Because that's how you start a zombie apocalypse.


They got this idea from the Netflix movie Kingdom 🧟‍♂️

Who thinks of this stuff and why are they wasting it on tadpoles and not Washington DC

Incredible. The tie ups and links between algae/ bacteria and metazoan cells are incredible. Microbiomes are important everywhere.

How cruel.

Coogan Middlebrook

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